Why are there 2 USB keys in the box?
We provide you with two keys so that you have one to put on your key chain and another to put in a safe place, just in case you lose the first one. Additionally, once your keys are registered, we can send you additional keys at a nominal cost. This way there is no 'back door' as with jump drive software or fingerprint units.

Why not just use my password to login?
Most of us use passwords that are too simple and can be hacked in just minutes. Many are so complicated that they can t be remembered, so we write them on a sticky note and put them under the keyboard or on the back of the monitor. All are easy to find and easy to steal. Additionally most of us keep the same passwords for much too long. We know we are supposed to change them, but we just don t get it done. SecuriKey uses the password, but it is not the sole safeguard. The token is the key!

What happens when I remove the USB Key?
You have some options. For very strict security you can have the computer shut down. You can also choose to have the user logged out. For most applications we recommend that you choose to lock the workstation. This keeps background applications such as print queues, renderings, checking of emails all continuing in the background & all the while your data is safe and protected. This makes SecuriKey a great tool for locking up file servers, applications servers and print servers in addition to providing robust laptop security.

What happens if I lose my SecuriKey USB Key?
We provide you with two keys, one to use and one to store in a safe place. When you install SecuriKey and register, we have enough information to make a duplicate and (once we verify that you, are in fact you) ship it to you that same day.

Does SecuriKey work on Windows or Macintosh?
SecuriKey Pro and SecuriKey Multi-User work with Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can also control access to more than one computer as well as both partitions of a Mac Bootcamp computer with the same USB token, provided you have purchased the necessary software licenses.

Does SecuriKey work with standby and hibernation?
Yes, SecuriKey works with all power management options on both Windows and the Mac. On Windows, you must activate Windows standby/hibernation authentication by enabling the "Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby" option in the Power Options Control Panel.

Just how secure is Securikey?
SecuriKey manages user access and provides a physical layer of security for data protection. Optimal security relies upon a concept called layering. Each layer adds to the safe keeping of your data. You decide the level of security that is reasonable for you. You can add AES data encryption, and restricting remote or alternate system start-ups. Likewise, you can implement an ease of use that you are most comfortable with. Using this approach SecuriKey provides formidable strength and security for your critical data.

Can I use SecuriKey with more than one USB port or on an attached USB hub?
Yes, it is possible to use SecuriKey anywhere you can connect a USB device. This includes USB ports directly on the computer, USB hubs, and USB ports on keyboards, monitors, etc. On Windows, SecuriKey must be initialized on each USB port prior to use due to the way Windows assigns drivers to USB hardware on a port-by-port basis.