SecuriKey Multi-User. Safety in Numbers.

Security for All Your Laptops
Whether you have 5 or 500 laptops you need to secure, SecuriKey Multi-User is a flexible, effective and intuitive solution. SecuriKey Multi-User provides the data security your users need and the management tools for you to make it happen. Through the use of a unique decentralized deployment model, you can properly secure and manage your group of laptops without heavy duty IT configuration or server setup.

The Protection You Need
The core of SecuriKey Multi-User is a elegant combination of hardware and software that is refreshingly simple to install. SecuriKey includes multiple layers of security, starting with strong, two-factor authentication via the crypto-based SecuriKey USB Token. SecuriKey also includes Continuous Protection that actively guards the laptop while it's in use. And, SecuriKey includes support for AES-based data encryption to protect vital data on the hard drive against loss and theft.

Admin Keys and User Keys
With SecuriKey Multi-User, you get a special set of SecuriKey Administrator USB Tokens that you use for deployment and management of your secure laptop group. Each individual user receives a matching pair of SecuriKey USB Tokens for his or her individual protected access. You can give one of the user keys to the user for daily use and keep the other as a backup.

Cross Platform
SecuriKey Multi-User works with Mac OS X, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP. The SecuriKey USB Tokens are fully cross-platform devices. This means you can easily use your SecuriKey Administrator USB Token for protected admin access to all of the laptops in your group, regardless of what OS each individual laptop is running. What's more, with SecuriKey's support for Boot Camp on the Mac, you and your users can protect both Windows and Mac OS partitions on a Macbook using the same set of keys.

Your Users Can Actually Use SecuriKey
A security solution is only really effective if it is easy to use. SecuriKey Multi-User passes the test. It's intuitive "ignition key" model is straightforward and does not require any detailed user training to use. In fact, SecuriKey is so simple to use, judges at the Consumer Electronics Show "Best of CES" Award wrote "SecuriKey passes the 'Can my Grandma use it?' test."

Management and Organization
Deploying a laptop security solution is only part of the equation. You also have to be able to manage the solution over time. SecuriKey Multi-User includes a simple 3-ring binder system to help you easily organize and store your solution and your user's backup SecuriKey Tokens.

The Starter Kit
With the SecuriKey Multi-User Starter Kit, you get everything you need to get started with SecuriKey Multi-User. It includes software on CD-ROM, documentation, two software installation licenses, one matched pair of SecuriKey Admin USB Tokens and one matched pair of SecuriKey User USB Tokens. The Starter Kit also includes 30 days of free access to our World Class Technical Support service as well as a No Hassle 30 Day Money Back Guarantee in case you decide SecuriKey Multi-User isn't for you. The Starter Kit is a no risk way to test SecuriKey Multi-User for yourself. Then, when you're ready to deploy, protecting your laptops is as simple as purchasing a SecuriKey Additional User Kit for each laptop you need to secure.

Free Key Registration
SecuriKey Multi-User USB Tokens can be easily registered in the free SecuriKey Registration Service as you deploy.  That way, if someone loses or breaks his SecuriKey USB Token, you can quickly and easily buy the right Duplicate USB Token for him.  For your security, only authorized administrators can purchase Duplicate USB Tokens and you will need to answer the security question you provided during registration.

Installation Appointment
Each SecuriKey Multi-User Starter Kit also includes the option of a telephone-based installation appointment with one of our technical experts. The installation appointment allows you to walk through your first installation of SecuriKey with a SecuriKey Engineer right at your side. You may ask any questions you have, right when you have them. Typically lasting approximately 30 minutes, this valuable service is currently being offered at no additional charge for a limited time with the purchase of each SecuriKey Multi-User Starter Kit.