SecuriKey. How the Mac does Security.


Don't Leave Home Without It.
If you have a MacBook or manage a group of MacBooks, the risk of laptop theft and data loss is always on your mind. Whether you have your latest creation, customer information, financial data or the company's trade secrets, it is simply smart to protect that information. Lost and stolen laptops occur more often than you may think. If you don't have a system in place to guard and protect your data, you are just biding time and tempting fate until you too are faced with the unpleasant reality of a lost MacBook.

Total Security.
SecuriKey includes everything you need to protect your Mac, so you can travel with confidence. SecuriKey is a complete system, including strong two-factor authentication, AES encryption for your important data, and Continuous Protection that helps protect your Mac while it's in use. Industry experts agree that the best security is achieved through multiple layers, and SecuriKey includes all the layers you need, packaged up into a simple, comprehensive solution. Macworld Magazine agrees. According to Macworld, SecuriKey provides "...more than enough security."

The SecuriKey solution is based on an elegant combination of hardware and software, all neatly integrated into OS X. The SecuriKey software connects all the way down to the Unix core inside your Mac without getting in your way. The SecuriKey Authentication System integrates directly into the normal OS X logon screen. There is an easy to use SecuriKey Preference Pane located in System Preferences. And the SecuriKey USB security key is based on a hardware-based crypto chip.

Works Your Way. Just More Secure.
SecuriKey is designed for the Mac. With it's intuitive OS X integration, SecuriKey provides the meaningful security you need without getting in your way. Setup is quick and easy. Like the Mac, using SecuriKey just makes sense. Simply plug your SecuriKey Token into a USB port and enter your password for full access. Pull the token, and your Mac switches to the login window, protecting your information from everyone else.

Put a Deadbolt on FileVault.
If you are using the Mac's FileVault 2 system for full drive encryption, then adding SecuriKey is like putting a deadbolt on your house. The strong, two-factor authentication provided by SecuriKey insures that you must have the correct SecuriKey USB security key and know the right password in order to login to your Mac and access your FileVault-protected data.

Take Your Security to the Top.
For even tougher security, you can use the SecuriKey Encrypted Volume to protect your sensitive data files. The SecuriKey Encrypted Volume protects all of your important data with industry standard AES 128-bit encryption - powered by the only integrated encryption and authentication solution available for the Mac. The encryption is quick and transparent, and it works just like having a second hard drive. The only way to open the SecuriKey Encrypted Volume and access the files inside it is with your personal SecuriKey USB security key and your password. With SecuriKey, you and your data are safe no matter what life throws at you.

Boot Camp Support.
SecuriKey is also compatible with Boot Camp. So, if you need to run Windows on your Mac, you can protect both the Mac partition and the Windows partition on your MacBook. With the cross-platform design of the SecuriKey USB Token, you just need to add a SecuriKey Windows software license to protect everything on your Mac. The new SecuriKey Pro Mac/Win Dual Boot Bundle includes everything you need to protect both the OS X and Windows partitions on your Mac. You can use the same exact SecuriKey USB security key to access your protected Mac whether your boot into Windows or OS X.

Mac, Macs and Macs+PCs, too.
Whether you have your own personal MacBook, you manage a group of MacBooks, or you have a mixed group of Macs and Windows laptops, there is a SecuriKey solution for you. SecuriKey Pro is designed to protect your individual MacBook. SecuriKey Multi-User is designed for straightforward protection of groups of Macs and mixed Mac+PC laptop groups with full administrative control. Both SecuriKey Pro and SecuriKey Multi-User can also be used to protect Mac Desktops and Servers. The SecuriKey system installs in just a few minutes. With SecuriKey you can be confident and experience the freedom of safe and secure mobile computing.



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SecuriKey is designed for Mac OS Sierra & OS X El Capitan. SecuriKey also supports older Mac OS X editions such as Yosemite & Mavericks as well as Universal support for both Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macs.

Note that new installations of SecuriKey on Macs running Mac OS Sierra or El Capitan require a pre-installation configuration step. Contact SecuriKey Support if you need assistance or more information.