SecuriKey Under the Hood

SecuriKey works through a combination of hardware and software to provide robust, multi-level computer security. The heart of the SecuriKey system is a multi-platform encryption-based USB security key.

SecuriKey Token Detail


The SecuriKey USB token contains a state of the art custom security ASIC chip which functions as a hardware-based encryption engine. The ASIC includes sophisticated anti-hacking technology, creating a tamper-proof physical guardian for computer access control and data protection.

The SecuriKey software integrates at the deepest level within Windows and Mac OS X. On Windows, the SecuriKey security core integrates in the Windows kernel. On Mac OS X, the SecuriKey security core integrates with both the GUI and the Unix kernel. On both operating systems, great care has been taken to build a simple, unobtrusive interface for the person using SecuriKey. The SecuriKey security core integrates directly into the logon user interface on both Windows and Mac OS X, making end-user training simple and straightforward.

Three Levels of Security

The SecuriKey hardware and software combination provides three levels of security to keep you and your data safe. First and foremost, SecuriKey provides strong, two-factor authentication for industry best-practice access control. SecuriKey integrates directly with the Windows and Mac OS X logon user interfaces, combining your logon password - something you know - with the SecuriKey USB Token - something you have. The world class access control provided by SecuriKey also includes additional features such as the ability to block Safe Mode access, a common back door technique.

The strong authentication provided by SecuriKey is increasingly seen as the best way to comply with the workstation access control provisions of the numerous data privacy regulations in use today such as HIPAA, GLB and SOX.

The second level of security is AES-based data encryption. SecuriKey integrates directly with the AES encryption provided by Windows and includes the SecuriKey Encrypted Volume for Mac OS X. Files and folders can be easily designated for encryption. To decrypt the data, the user must log in with the correct SecuriKey Token and password. Using pre-boot utilities, booting from Linux, using the Mac's Target Disk Mode, and even taking the hard drive out will not bypass the encryption. SecuriKey has the first and only integrated AES encryption and strong, two-factor authentication solution for the Mac. On Windows, the SecuriKey AES/EFS Configuration and Usage Guide provides the fast track to robust data encryption implementations with full Recovery Policies and usage scenarios for long term data security and maximum protection

Data encryption works to protect the data at rest, and is especially vital for mobile laptops, tablets and notebooks. Once the person using the computer has correctly logged in, the necessary decryption keys are available in memory for fast access to encrypted data. The third level of SecuriKey security is Continuous Protection™, which provides a continuous guardian for your data while the computer is in use. When the person using the computer needs to go to lunch, attend a meeting, or even step away for a few minutes, she can simply grab her SecuriKey Token. SecuriKey then locks the computer against unauthorized use, while allowing existing processes to continue to run in the background. Once the person returns, she simply plugs her SecuriKey Token back into the USB port, enters her password, and access is granted.

Strong Security, Simplicity by Design

SecuriKey brings award-winning simplicity and ease of use to the complex world of data security. If you are only using encryption today, you are missing two-thirds of the total solution. Taken together, the three levels of security provided by SecuriKey include everything you need to properly secure data.

With the elegance of the SecuriKey hardware and software integration, the person using the computer can simply use SecuriKey like an ignition key for his computer. Behind the scenes, SecuriKey is hard at work at multiple levels to safeguard the important data and control access so that you can rest well, knowing that you have taken the strong, effective steps you need to lock down your vital data.


"The SecuriKey hardware and software combo provides easy and effective data protection."
Maximum PC Magazine

"We consider SecuriKey a reasonable investment to
protect the important and confidential data on our computers. It prevents unauthorized access, protects our clients and eases our
worries about liability."

Robert Pelcher
Computer Security & Investigations Specialist
e-fense, Inc.

"I'm very pleased with your product and have had no reason to seek out any support. The installation was very simple and straightforward. It has met or exceeded every expectation I had."
Ted Saylor
SK Pro User

SecuriKey Award Winning Security