SecuriKey Enterprise

Centralized Management, Active Directory Server Integration

For straightforward network-wide deployments of strong two-factor authentication and endpoint computer security, nothing beats SecuriKey Enterprise.  Based on the same award-winning security technology as SecuriKey Professional and SecuriKey Pro Multi-User, SecuriKey Enterprise adds deep Active Directory integration, centralized management tools, and the software to author individual SecuriKey USB Tokens in house.

SecuriKey Enterprise is the fastest way to achieve compliance with the Workstation Access Control provisions of important regulations such as HIPAA, GLB & SOX.  The SecuriKey USB Token is so intuitive and simple to use, that user training is almost zero.  Deployments are quick, and user acceptance is high. 

Network Administrator accounts can easily be protected, providing secure access to all protected computers for IT administrators.  The SecuriKey Enterprise Client software can easily be deployed to desktops and servers.

The Local, Network Solution

SecuriKey Enterprise is best suited to workstation environments where local area network connections are frequent and centralized management is optimal. For groups of laptops that are frequently or constantly away from the local network, SecuriKey Pro Multi-User is the solution.

Encryption Options

The best security is achieved through multiple layers of protection.  SecuriKey works in combination with the Windows Encrypting File System to encrypt designated contents of a hard drive with AES data encryption (FIPS 197) and with 3rd party Whole Disk Encryption products.  SecuriKey also provides active, continuous protection while the computer is in use.  Combining AES data encryption with strong authentication and continuous protection provides a formidable barrier against laptop theft, data theft, identity theft, and other types of abuse.

SecuriKey makes implementing a robust data encryption strategy with EFS including Recovery Agents as simple as possible.  The SecuriKey AES/EFS Network Configuration and Usage Guide helps you configure the “Ounce of PKI” that you need for full, robust encryption in the shortest amount of time.


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System Requirements

  • Client: Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000
  • Server: Windows 2000 Server or Server 2003
  • Active Directory
  • Schema Master Server
  • One free USB port for client software
  • Two free USB ports for Admin Tools